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Crypto Markets Reach 6-Month Milestone Following Monster Rally

Bitcoin’s price approaches $10,500 for the first time since early September. Twenty-nine of the 30 top cryptocurrencies reported gains Wednesday. The combined market cap of all coins crosses $300 billion for the first time in six months. Bitcoin and its altcoin peers extended their rally on Wednesday, pushing their collective market cap north of $300 [...]


New Non-Custodial Crypto Wallet Blockmove Will Help to Keep Digital Assets Safe

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced crypto investor, the question of where, how and which way is the best to store your cryptocurrency will always be acute for you. It is not enough just to buy or earn digital assets, but it is even more important to keep them reliably secured, safe and [...]


Trade Crypto Derivatives on BTCMEX and Enjoy a $120 Trading Bonus with Great Affiliate Rewards

With Bitcoin and other digital assets now taking center stage in the financial world, trading interest is turning more towards derivatives as a form of accessing the new digital asset markets. Among those leading the charge, derivatives exchange BTCMEX continues to make it even more attractive to crypto traders, by offering the chance to earn [...]


Crypto Killed the Tax Man: Bitcoin Cash Escapes Hash War Over Mining Tax Grenade

Hash war may be averted after major mining pool withdraws its support for the plan. Anonymous miners threatened a hash war in response to the tax, which could have lead to a chain split. Bitcoin.com announced the withdrawal of its support for the tax plan in its current form. The proposed Bitcoin Cash (BCH) tax [...]


Square Crypto Is Paving the Way for Bitcoin to Muscle Cash Out of the Way

Square Crypto is building a Lightning Dev Kit that will give developers more flexibility for Lightning tech and bitcoin wallets. Square’s crypto arm expects that bitcoin payments will overtake cash. Bitcoin’s volatility has gotten in the way of its use case for payments. While some of Twitter gets on Jack Dorsey’s case for allegedly trying [...]


Storing Crypto on a Centralized Exchange Is Safer for Most, Says Binance CEO

Changpeng Zhao advocated for storing your crypto assets on a trusted centralized exchange after Peter Schiff lost access to his BTC holdings. Last year, Binance was hacked but the exchange covered all losses. There are still numerous reasons why you should store your own coins. Not your keys, not your coin. This is a phrase [...]


Crypto Investor Declares Alt Season as Litecoin, Ethereum and EOS Come Alive

A popular host and crypto investor has made a bullish statement on altcoins. Ran NeuNer’s tweet was met with heavy criticism. Nevertheless, it is difficult to deny that large market cap coins are showing signs of strength. It’s not a secret that most alternative coins or altcoins are dependent on bitcoin. Wherever BTC goes, almost [...]


Crypto’s Richest 1% Fail to Hoard a Whole Lot of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is more fairly distributed than altcoins. Cardano may be dangerously centralized. Whales are still a significant issue for BTC. When contemplating crypto whales, the knee jerk reaction is to automatically think, “lotsa bitcoin;” However, according to statistics from Intotheblock—a crypto intelligence company—BTC ownership may actually be less concentrated than most altcoins.Tracking numerous cryptocurrency addresses [...]


Crypto Buyers’ Ethereum Secretly Used to Prop up HEX ‘Rip-off Token’

The HEX buy handle used 50 ETH to purchase extra tokens. The tokens have been then despatched to an trade to offer liquidity for HEX merchants. HEX continues to profit its founder, to the extreme detriment of its buyers. Ethereum (ETH) from the flush tackle of the controversial HEX cryptocurrency is being recycled to purchase [...]


Financial Conduct Authority UK Subsequent Coin Market Scam Warning

March 8, 2019, | ICO - The FCA UK Subsequent Coin Market warning was issued on the sixth of March. The crypto rip-off alert comes after the latest FCA's Crypto buyers report, which reveals that crypto traders are excessive-danger takers and wish to get wealthy fast. Via the brand new warning on the crypto agency [...]

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