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Bitcoin Price Soars as Jerome Powell Confirms Crypto’s Threat To U.S. Dollar

The price of bitcoin jumped on Tuesday after Jerome Powell stressed that the Fed is investing a significant amount into digital currency developments. Adding fuel to the fire, Powell also acknowledged how quickly crypto could become a systemic risk to the USD. China’s “Belt and Road” initiative is expected to roll out a digital currency [...]


$10,000 Bitcoin Looks Imminent Based on This One Crucial Chart

Bitcoin’s price is eyeing an imminent return to $10,000. A key technical formation suggests a prolonged bull market is possible. Bitcoin-gold correlation continues to strengthen. After rallying to five-month highs on Friday, bitcoin’s eventual return to $10,000 and beyond appears highly likely. The bullish bias has a lot to do with the technical charts after [...]


Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price Surges 14% as ‘Halvening’ Nears

Bitcoin Cash led the cryptocurrency top ten on Wednesday with a 14% growth surge. BCH shrugged off fears of a community split over an arbitrarily imposed tax on miners. The coin’s “halvening,” or block reward halving, is scheduled for Apr. 8 – around a month before BTC’s. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) gained 14% on Wednesday, with [...]


Bitcoin is soaring as investors panic about coronavirus

New York (CNN Business)Bitcoin is once again having a moment. The cryptocurrency has soared as fears about the coronavirus outbreak send shock waves throughout global stock markets.The price of one bitcoin (XBT) is now hovering around $9,300. Bitcoin is up nearly 10% this week and has gained 30% since the end of 2019. It's the [...]


Bitcoin to Repeat 2017 Bull Run Based on This Key Metric: Analyst

Research firm Glassnodes came up with a new metric to gauge bitcoin adoption. The growth of this new metric appears to coincide with recent bitcoin rallies. It appears that conditions are right for this metric to breakout and possibly foreshadow the next bull run. Bitcoin bulls have a lot of reasons to be excited. On [...]


Yang in the Oval Office Is Bitcoin’s Only Chance of Reaching Critical Mass

Yang: cryptocurrencies need “one national framework.” The U.S. is falling behind in crypto innovation. Yang may be bitcoin’s only chance at mass adoption. For bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to unlock their full “potential,” there needs to be a holistic approach to crypto regulation. This is according to the 2020 U.S. presidential hopeful Andrew Yang, who has [...]


‘Safe Haven’ Bitcoin Rockets Toward 3-Month High; Up 32% YTD

Bitcoin (BTC) peaks at $9,429.99, its highest in almost three months. At its highest point Wednesday, the largest cryptocurrency was up 32% year-to-date. Bitcoin is behaving a lot like a “safe haven” asset, according to Fundstrat’s Tom Lee. Bitcoin’s price rallied to nearly three-month highs on Wednesday, as the largest cryptocurrency continued to demonstrate risk-off [...]


Bitcoin is the Hotmail of Crypto, and the Real Sh*tcoin: John McAfee

Altcoin King John McAfee derides BTC as the real sh*tcoin of the cryptocurrency world. McAfee compares BTC to hotmail – a once ubiquitous service that eventually faded away. The self-declared U.S. presidential candidate says the future of the cryptocurrency space lies with altcoins. Bitcoin (BTC) is the hotmail of the cryptocurrency world. That’s according to [...]


Hash War Looms as Bitcoin Cash Tax Drama Explodes

An anonymous group of miners announced plans to hardfork a new bitcoin cash blockchain if tax on miners isn’t removed. Group claims to control 42% of the BCH hashrate, with plans to expand it to 2.5 exahash per second by the May 15 fork date. A repeat of 2018 costly hash war could be on [...]


Bitcoin Beats Gold in Safe Haven Battle as Coronavirus Death Toll Rises

Bitcoin’s price comes within a hair of $9,000 en route to its highest level in over a week. Bitcoin’s correlation to gold flips positive, according to Bloomberg. Fears of a coronavirus pandemic put a damper on stocks and other risk assets. Bitcoin launched toward $9,000 on Monday, as the spread of coronavirus forced investors to [...]


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