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Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool is Already the Premier League’s Greatest Team

The Anfield superclub is on an incredible 38-game undefeated streak. Sunday sees them play now fallen eternal rivals United. In terms of consistency and dynamism, this Liverpool is the Premier Legue’s best-ever. The reigning Champions League holders will line up on Sunday afternoon against its greatest domestic rival. The team who famously “knocked them off [...]

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READ: Justice Department releases 176 more pages of Mueller documents to CNN and BuzzFeed

(CNN)CNN has received another 176 pages of notes from major witness interviews during former special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation.This is the fourth time CNN has gotten documents like these from the Justice Department regarding the Mueller investigation, as part of a lawsuit in conjunction with BuzzFeed News. The memos, called 302s by the FBI, were [...]

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Democratic lawmakers visit camp in Mexico where migrants wait to claim asylum

Matamoros, Mexico (CNN)Eighteen members of Congress descended on a Mexican camp sitting near the US border Friday where hundreds of migrants are waiting to claim asylum.The Democratic lawmakers navigated through tents, makeshift food stalls and clotheslines, interacting with migrants as they went. The tent camp in Matamoros, Mexico, has grown over time as migrants, the [...]

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Eminem’s New Album Makes Him Less Relevant Than Ever

Eminem’s new album shows an astounding lack of self-awareness. Whose fans did he write this for? Elizabeth Warren’s? “Music To Be Murdered By” is not going to stop his slipping sales. Eminem hasn’t hit a home run since 2010. His latest album is a good way to continue that trend. It could be his worst [...]

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Canopy Growth Delay Raises Brutal Question: Will This Pot Stock Ever Turn a Profit?

Canopy Growth is revising the timeline for its cannabis beverage launch. Management doesn’t expect the delay to impact the company’s top line in 2020. But Canopy Growth’s bottom line is in shambles. Canopy Growth Corp (NYSE: CGC) delayed the launch of its much-anticipated cannabis beverages. The setback is a let down for cannabis stock investors [...]

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Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump is adding three seasoned lawyers to his impeachment legal defense team, people familiar with the matter said, including Kenneth Starr, the hard-charging prosecutor whose work led to President Bill Clinton's impeachment.Alan Dershowitz, the constitutional lawyer, and Robert Ray, Starr's successor at the Office of Independent Counsel during the Clinton administration, are [...]

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