Why CS: GO Betting Could Help Esports Finally Go Mainstream

Over the past few years, esports has seen a huge amount of growth. Several crucial developments have helped esports leagues secure a position as a “legitimate” branch of the professional sports industry. One of the biggest changes in the U.S. has been the ability to gamble on these events. The esports industry is enjoying spectacular [...]


Face Masks Are Useless Against America’s Biggest COVID-19 Threat

The United States’ face mask dilemma is becoming outrageous. The CDC just contradicted earlier guidance by recommending all Americans wear face masks. Other countries are upset with the U.S. for outbidding them and halting deliveries of gear. While the U.S. may secure more face masks than other countries, we’re still overexposed to our careless leaders. [...]


The Dow Will Hit 15,000 Before Reaching Bottom – Here’s Why

After the Dow hit bottom on March 23, it rebounded with five days of gains. The Dow has risen despite record jobless claims and other dreadful numbers, but the rally won’t last. The worst is still to come as the Dow could plunge as low as 15,000. For those who think the Dow has already [...]


Coronavirus Just Took Another Victim… Corona Beer

Starting on Sunday, Grupo Modelo will no longer produce Corona beer. The Mexican government declared that beer production isn’t an essential activity during the coronavirus pandemic. This decision will hit the Corona brewer and other Mexican brewers hard. Coronavirus has infected over 1 million people, and it continues to spread. Governments have forced restaurants, bars, [...]


1 Million Twitch Viewers Prove Valorant Is Already 2020’s Biggest Game

Close to one million viewers are tuned into Valorant streams on Twitch. Content creators are showcasing gameplay footage and impressions from a closed-door test last weekend. Valorant already has the makings of one of the biggest games of the year. In the lead-up to the launch of the Valorant closed beta on April 7, developer [...]


Meghan Markle’s Disney+ Doc Is Out – the Elephants Deserved Better

Disney+ just released their ‘Elephant’ documentary. Meghan Markle narrated the program, and it feels less like entertainment, more like punishment. Disney+ executives should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this to happen. There’s an old saying, “elephants never forget.” Our giant friends have an excellent memory that’s key to their survival. One thing they won’t [...]


The Dow Is Plummeting & the IMF Warns This Is ‘Humanity’s Darkest Hour’

The Dow Jones careened lower on Friday as the stock market recoiled from a horrific jobs report. Nordea warns the government’s Paycheck Protection Program won’t stop April’s unemployment report from getting even worse. IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva said the coronavirus pandemic is “humanity’s darkest hour.” A horrendous U.S. jobs report pummeled the Dow Jones [...]


Wait, Did Call of Duty Just Prove That Video Games Are Art?

The owners of the Humvee brand sued Call of Duty creator Activision in 2017. This suit has surrounded the use of the trucks in Modern Warfare titles. Activision just won the lawsuit, meaning that Call of Duty may have been the unlikely title to prove definitively that video games are art. Gamers have argued for [...]


We’ve Already Spent 3 Billion Hours Binging Twitch in 2020

Twitch had its best quarter to date in Q1 2020. The platform hit all-time records with over 3 billion hours watched and over 121 million hours streamed. The surge in popularity is linked to the vast number of people confined to their homes by coronavirus lockdown measures. Twitch is more popular than ever, according to [...]


Friday’s Unemployment Report is Just the Tip of a Terrifying Iceberg

Coronavirus-induced unemployment is even higher than the dismal figures out this week show. Several big names announced wide-scale layoffs that won’t show up in unemployment data until later in the month. As the shutdowns persist, we’re likely to see unemployment figures continue to climb. The impact of coronavirus is becoming painfully evident as unemployment numbers [...]


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