How to make your own face mask

(CNN)There's one thing you should know before diving into the conversation around masks: The public should not purchase N95 respirators. Health care workers need those when they're treating coronavirus patients.You should also note: Face covering is recommended but not mandatory Homemade masks are not a substitute for social distancing and staying inStill, if you want [...]


Some cities see jumps in domestic violence during the pandemic

(CNN)As more and more Americans are forced to stay home during the escalating coronavirus pandemic, the crisis has created a pressure-cooker situation for domestic violence victims, exacerbating stressors and isolation that can make for a deadly mix. Several cities are already reporting jumps in domestic violence cases or calls to local hotlines. Some shelters around [...]


A classic ‘Twilight Zone’ episode warns us how not to behave during a pandemic

(CNN)An invisible enemy brings life to a halt. People become isolated and panic. Neighbors start seeing one another as threats.If life during the Covid-19 pandemic makes it seem like you've entered "The Twilight Zone," that seminal sci-fi series about dread and paranoia, than you're more right than you realize. On March 4, 1960, it aired [...]


Covering the coronavirus pandemic: CNN correspondents reflect on how we got here

Atlanta (CNN)As the entire world grapples with the effects of the coronavirus outbreak, it is easy to lose sight of how we got here. There are not many news events in recent memory that have come close to the far-reaching implications in terms of our public health, social interactions, and the global economy; life as [...]


South Korea’s Jeju Island is suing two tourists who visited while having coronavirus symptoms

Jake Kwon and Lilit Marcus, CNNPublished 4th April 2020 Seoul, South Korea (CNN) The provincial government of Jeju Island, South Korea, is suing two women who visited the island on vacation despite the younger one having symptoms of coronavirus. The pair ha…


US coronavirus deaths surpassed 7,000. States say they’re still missing what they need to combat the virus

(CNN)The US has surpassed 7,000 deaths and some state leaders say there's still a lot they're missing in the battle against the coronavirus.Even as case tallies continue to rise, state leaders say they still don't have enough tests to get a clear picture of infections."Everything about the tests are very difficult to come by, and [...]


That coronavirus baby boom? Experts say it’s unlikely

(CNN)It's a topic of speculation every time a disaster hits.Will we see a "baby boom" nine months later, since so many couples are cooped up inside with nowhere to go? Sure, this kind of trend has been reported before. But demographers think it's unlikely to occur this time around. In fact, they say the United States [...]


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