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Ahead of Earnings, Tesla Stock May Have Gotten Ahead of Itself

With Tesla trading near record highs, is the stock getting ahead of itself? The recent run-up means Tesla shares are “priced for perfection” and could fall if the company fails to live up to expectations. As uncertainty remains, investors may decide to take profits ahead of earnings on Jan. 29. In recent weeks, Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) [...]


Boeing Stock Has a Much Bigger Problem Than the FAA

Boeing (NYSE: BA) stock rallied sharply off its daily lows on Friday as the FAA cited a more optimistic timetable for the 737 MAX’s return. Surprising investors, this change of tone comes after a tumultuous week where even President Trump attacked the company. Despite the good news, the consumer and not the government will decide [...]


Forget Death Stranding: Hideo Kojima Was Born to Make Indie Games

Hideo Kojima sat down recently for an interview with Famitsu. He said he wants to work on smaller games. That might be the perfect medium for a storyteller like him. A recent interview with Famitsu reveals that, fresh off the release of Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima and Yoji Shinkawa are already preparing for a wide [...]


3 Strange Reasons to Be Bullish on Netflix Stock

There are plenty of conventional reasons right now to be long Netflix in 2020. Subscriber growth. Content. Binge time. But there are some stranger things boosting Netflix stock this year: The Wuhan coronavirus, global warming, and Tesla. Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) stock is hot again after beating Wall Street expectations for subscriber growth in the fourth quarter. [...]


The Real Reason PewDiePie Quit? His Fans Are Unbelievably Annoying

PewDiePie is relaxing in Japan after taking a break from YouTube. Meanwhile his editor made this candid remark, “PewDiePie fans are actually the most annoying fans ever. I love them but they’re so annoying.” Earlier this month, I got swarmed by annoying PewDiePie fans for roasting Felix in a farewell op-ed. It was exhausting. PewDiePie [...]


Donald Trump May Have Been Behind Jeff Bezos’ Phone Hack

It looks likely that Saudi Arabian officials hacked Jeff Bezos’ personal phone, but their reason for doing so is unclear. The timing of the ordeal doesn’t quite line up with current theories. Donald Trump is a common thread that links Bezos, Prince Salman and the National Enquirer. Everyone wants to know how Amazon owner Jeff [...]


The Dark Side of Becoming the ‘Next Bitcoin’

The CEO of altcoin project uPlexa revealed to CCN.com the obstacles posed by a greedy and corrupt cryptocurrency space. Centralized exchanges have become the banks of the cryptocurrency world. If you’re not partnered with the top 1%, it’s going to be a very long journey for your altcoin. Your favorite altcoin’s path to becoming the [...]


Why the Stock Market Shouldn’t Take Trump’s Bait on ‘Tax Cuts 2.0’

Donald Trump and his advisors have begun to tease the stock market with hints about a second round of tax cuts. They clearly want investors to price in another tax reform package ahead of the 2020 U.S. elections. History says that the stock market shouldn’t take the bait. Every U.S. president has received undue credit [...]


Bernie Sanders Slams Jamie Dimon On Socialism – They’re Both Wrong

Bernie Sanders went after Jamie Dimon on Twitter calling him a hypocrite for his comments on socialism. Senator Sanders is not telling the whole truth when it comes to Wall Street bailouts. Jamie Dimon is also wrong as corporate welfare is rampant, and creating a dangerous imbalance in U.S. society. What is the saying about [...]


Is Kareem Hunt Doomed to Become the Next Josh Gordon?

Kareem Hunt looked destined for greatness before the video of him kicking a woman surfaced, resulting in him getting cut by the Chiefs and suspended for eight games. The Browns gave him a second chance by signing him to a one-year deal this season. But depending on how the Browns want to view his recent [...]


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